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Advanced Family Law Mediator and Arbitrator 

Whatever your mediation and arbitration needs are, Frances V. Dunham Mediator and Arbitrator has got you covered. With over 27

 years experience, I have assisted thousands of clients all over the state of Texas.  My mediation and arbitration services are affordable, confidential, and effective. Half day and full day sessions available.

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Mediation - Arbitration - Med/Arb


Full Day Mediation

Full-day mediations are priced at $750/side ($100/per side per hour for over 8 hours)

Half-day mediations cost $450/side ($100/per side per hour for over 4 hours)


Same as Mediation fees for General Family Law Arbitration

Often parties experience conflict when translating the mediated settlement agreement into a final court order.  I provide arbitration service for the language of the order.  Fee varies.  If by submission, the fee is minimal.


Certified Advanced Family Law Mediator and Arbitrator

Med-Arb – This model is becoming more popular and is quite effective.  The parties begin the day as a mediation.  After a ½ day, if the parties are unable to reach an agreement, they agree to submit the remaining issues to the mediator who then serves as an arbitrator concerning the unsettled issues.  All parties must agree to this model in the beginning of the process. The fee is $750 per side for a day.  If the mediator/arbitrator is not able to complete the arbitration award within 8 hours, the parties will each be charged $100/hour overage.

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